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"The 9/11 Memorial Song - This Day Is Forever"


Click above to view the DEMO-VIDEO of "The 9/11 Memorial Song" (9.6 MB)

This DEMO-VIDEO is for the sole purpose of bringing to light the impact this song can have in the video media, relating to the events that unfolded on Sept. 11 2001.
It is illegal to duplicate or play this video in any other situation.


Check out the Complete 9/11 Album: This Day Is Forever

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Click on each of these sample tracks to listen:

  1. This Day Is Forever - The 9/11 Memorial Song (Radio Mix) FREE Download
  2. America Forever
  3. The Times They Are A-Changin' (Bob Dylan)
  4. A Dose Of You
  5. I'll Be Myself
  6. With A Little Help From My Friends (Lennon/McCartney)
  7. Follow Me
  8. Love Me Do (Lennon/McCartney)
  9. I'll Be By Your Side
  10. I Need You Baby
  11. Gotta Get You Into My Life (Lennon/McCartney)
  12. Gethsamane from Jesus Christ Superstar ( Rice/ Webber)
  13. Help Me Get Home
  14. This Day Is Forever - The 9/11 Memorial Song (Extended Mix) Check track 1


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"Thanks for sharing the video.  It is a good reminder of the day which has changed so many of our lives.  Unfortunately, it has changed our relationships with other people and nations as well.  We may never again see the time when people from other parts of the world will be accepted without fear and/or reservations and that is sad.  To think that everyone must be viewed with suspicion and mistrust is certainly a far cry from the world as God would have it to be." – Richard Vreeland

"Thank you again -- I watched the video with the audio for the first time -- It's is a beautiful tribute. I am at work so I had to suppress my tears -- I will watch it again when I get home. That day seem like it unfolded just yesterday -- and I try and still have hope for the underlying current of goodness and peace in this world." – Victoria Luz

"I am shaking from the video.  The song is even more powerful with the images.  I am so overwhelmed by what I have  just seen.  This was a very hard day for America and the time I spent watching your video made me feel as though I was able to be in prayer for all those we have lost and be hopeful that this will never take place again.  It is a naive hope, but the power of prayer is strong.  I believe in miracles.  I thank you for your excellent work." – Nick Petrone , Recording Artist

THIS DAY IS FOREVER -The 9/11 Memorial Song. THE LYRICS...

This day is forever is when we come together in these times of trouble
When we can bear all the sorrow that comes our way as we crawl and struggle
And we can still lend our weak and weary hands to help out others in the rubble.

This day (Nine Eleven) in our hearts will live forever...

This day you see forever is when you can recognize a ray of hope through the haze and the darkness
When you can hear the mournful wails turn to communal anthems uniting us all inspite of the sadness
And you can see the bravest and the finest giving up their lives for the sake of our wellnes

Chorus 2:
This day (Nine Eleven) in our hearts will live forever...
This day (Nine Eleven) in our minds will live forever..

This day I miss my loved ones taken from me and I grieve.
I’m never giving up hope though I’m surrounded by so much destruction and debris
I surely will rise up from the ashes to rebuild my life, continue to be free

Chorus 3:
This day (Nine Eleven) in our hearts will live forever...
This day (Nine Eleven) in our minds will live forever...
This day (Nine Eleven) in our souls will live forever.......repeat

Download the Radio-edit version ABSOLUTELY FREE at the top of this page.


How did "This Day Is Forever - The 9/11 Memorial Song" come about?

I have written and re-written the words to the 9/11 Memorial Song a few times over. Initially I felt people would think I was trying to cash in on the tragedy. But it is from the heart and feels that way to whoever hears it. And that is the reason I want to give it away FREE to those who want to listen to it.

I was watching a program on NIGHTLINE. It spoke about how the incident is sort-of fading in the minds of some of us and they showed two very disturbing stories of burn victims who survived the explosions, now recouping without any heroic fanfare, in some hospital. At this point I thought, my song might help keep alive the way we felt on 9/11, never to lose our hope, faith and the American spirit of freedom.

The other song America Forever is also appropriate for the times – a patriotic song for the new millennium.
Much as I would like to, I am not donating this track, as I would like it to help meet some of the expenses I've incurred in recording the songs in my album."

Where was I on 9/11?

I work the afternoon shift at Deutsch Advertising. Having worked late the previous night, I was still asleep. The manager called me to tell me not to come in to work because a bomb had blown up one of the Towers. I immediately turned on the TV and watched the rest of the terrible events unfold. My only thought was, “My God! There are so many people in there. Is there anything You can do to help!” And when the towers came down, my heart just sank.

I haven’t been able to go to the site, even though I live here in New York. The first time I glanced at the skyline was six months later, in March, on the way to a concert in New Jersey. Even that only for a couple of seconds. It still brings so much pain.

Not a day goes by without thoughts of that fateful morning. I am constantly asking questions like, “How could they have done this to my home, my city?” And thoughts like, “I wish these people with terror on their minds could meet the people of New York, and USA first hand and see what a nice lot of people make up the country that is the United States of America. Then they would certainly have second thoughts”.


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