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Special Moments in Madooo's Life

With Mark Hudson , Beatle Ringo Starr's producer, (also Aerosmith, Ozzie, Bon Jovi)

With Klauss Voormann - Bass player, Designer: Beatles' Revolver album, 2006
With New York Senator,
Chuck Schumer.
NYC, 2002
With Cliff Richard, 1976, in Bombay, India.
With Marc Anthony at WKTU's rehersal
of Miracle on 34th Street - NYC, 2000
With Ice-T - May 2005
With Ted Neeley (from film version of
Jesus Christ Superstar)
Madison Square Garden, 1995
With Carl Anderson (the original "Judas"
from Jesus Christ Superstar) a
Madison Square Garden, 1995

With Ice-T at a Metronome Party.
NYC, 2001

With Gordon of 'Peter & Gordon', 2006

With Horatio Sanz of 'SNL', August 2006

With David Bell, CEO Interpublic Group
New York, 2004

With Kit Hoover of Fox News Channel.NYC, 2001, Laura Levin's Elvis book launch party

With Matin Lewis - Humorist, Writer, Producer, Beatles scholar - 2006

WithTony Perkins of 'FoxNews - Chicago', August 2006
With Alyque Padamsee, NYC 2001
Producer/Director of "Jesus Christ Superstar" The Bombay Production.

With John Waters, NYC 2001
After his speech at Deutsch.

Farewell at Lintas:India,
Bombay - India, 1974

Appearance on MTV-INDIA
Bombay - India, 2004

Magazine Cover - Sri Lanka, 1978

Cover of Junior Statesman
- India, 1974

With daughter Aiesha, after
a performance. NYC, 2002

With Led Zepplin, Bombay, India - 1972
Richard Cole, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Xerxes, Madooo

Contract with Oberoi-Sheraton Hotels
as leading male vocalist in India. 1975-1979

With Caroline Rhea, 2000, at the reception after a Carnegie Hall performance.

Voodoos Reunion – 2004, Chennai, INDIA
Mohan Nambiar, Madooo, Sukumar Nambiar

With Louis Banks, India'a leading Music Producer – Bombay 2004.
Meeting Cynthia Lennon at her book-signing in New York City, 2005


Daughter-Father Dance at Wedding

Cynthia Lennon accepting Madooo's Beatle CD — New York City, October, 2005

Rappin' with Joe Frazier — March 8, 2006

With Joe Frazier at the 35th Anniversary of his defeating Muhammad Ali event

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